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Get the OkCreeper Chrome Plugin for OkCupid!

What is it?

The OkCreeper Plugin for Chrome enhances your OkCupid experience by allowing you to view photos even if you haven't uploaded your own yet1, attaching ratings and keeping notes on each user's profile, and seeing the averages of these ratings from other users of the plugin. There's also a handy photo uploader that lets you store additional pictures of the users... maybe photos of you two on a date, or other photos you've found of them online (man, you really are a creeper...). The plugin also lets you add them to a separate favorites list that is maintained on, so that we can show you a map of your favorites that you can manage right here on this site. There is also a custom search feature that lets you search for profiles using tags that you can edit in the custom data section. And finally, there's just a quick link to the sex-related questions that they've answered (if any).


Once in a while, things won't load, or maybe they'll load twice. I'm still working on ironing out the kinks. If something looks strange, just refresh the page, and it'll almost always clear up. (Most of the bugs seem to have to do with switching windows quickly while a script is running.)

Please also remember that we have no control over OkCupid! Nothing we're doing here "hacks" the site or gives you access to anything you wouldn't in the first place. That would be against the law (and wrong). It DOES, however, enhance your experience by tying your OkCreeper data into your OkCupid browsing experience, and vice versa. If OkCupid ever drastically changes their site (we'll try to keep up with markup changes to keep things working) or stops serving up certain content, then this plugin might eventually fail. Similarly, whenever OkCupid updates their website, we may have to rush to make changes to accommodate those changes, meaning the plugin might be rendered useless for a day or three while we do it. Bear with us!

Finally - and most importantly - your safety and your behavior are YOUR responsibility. Do not use this plugin to stalk people, con them in some way, or to try to hack their accounts. Any illegal activity that you get involved in, or danger that you put yourself in, is your responsibility and yours alone. If we suspect you're engaging in illegal or harmful activity, we reserve the right to cancel your account (without refund, if you paid for anything) and/or contact the appropriate authorities. We also reserve the right to contact OkCupid users directly if we feel their privacy or safety may be compromised. (This would require you to do something pretty bad. We're not going to just contact people willy-nilly. We respect your privacy.)

How to use it

Ensure successful installation and log in

Install this Plugin on Chrome.

Once the plugin is installed, you'll see a few changes on certain pages, as well as a new bar containing some actions buttons at the bottom of your page. You'll also see a new button in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. Click it, and a box will open up with a login screen. You can use your credentials to log in there. (No account yet? Make one here!)

Add/Remove Favorites to/from OkCreeper

I deliberated long and hard over this, and finally decided to keep your favorites on this site separate from the ones that you store on OkCreeper. I may change this in the future and simply add/remove your OkCreeper favorites whenever you add/remove OkCupid favorites. But for now, you just have to add/remove them explicitly using the link provided (right next to their picture, above their username):

If you want to save them as a Favorite ("Bookmarked") on OkCupid, then you'll still want to use the normal button, too.

View your Favorites as a Map or List

Once you've added some favorites using our custom link, you can view them on a map here on our site. You can also link through to their profiles from there, as well as delete them from your favorites (on OkCreeper, not OkCupid, of course).

The Bottom Bar

Aside from a few other features around the screen and browser window, the bottom bar is really the meat of the plugin. At the bottom of your screen, you should be able to see a bar that looks like this (give or take some buttons):

It has several buttons, depending on what kind of page you're on, and if you're logged in. "Jump to Sex Questions" and "View Photos" are always available. The other three require a login to be of any use to you.

Jump to Sex Questions is just a quick link directly to any questions that they might have answered on the topic of sex.

View Photos takes advantage of the fact that OkCupid (currently) loads all of the user's image URLs when serving up their profile. So even if you don't have your own photos (in which case it gives you an annoying popup saying "First you need a photo" when you try to click on their picture to see more), this button will just grab those URLs and show you the photos anyway. Note that this feature is not "hacking" OkCupid. It is simply leveraging the fact that they've already sent the pictures to your browser. It will no longer work if OkCupid changes the way they serve up photos.

Custom Data is one of the key features, and I hope that its usefulness will grow if users continue to adopt this plugin. If logged in, this tab lets you store ratings and information about each user and save it on OkCreeper so that you can access it later. Some of the data is private (like notes about each profile), whereas other data (like ratings) can be lumped with other users' ratings to give everyone an overall rating for users in these areas. This will be useful for later generating charts and reports once lots of people start using this thing.

Custom Search is a nifty little feature that lets you search using text tags of your choice (which are entered in the Custom Data tab). I'm not sure how useful this will be until lots of people start using the plugin, but for now it could be handy if you want to tag profiles in order to search for them later. (Think "hot" or "board games" or "submissive"... stuff like that. You can really type whatever you like.)

Have Fun!